What is HAARP, How Does HAARP Work, and How Is HAARP Being Used Against Us?

Truth and Conspiracy - HAARP
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On April 27, 1997, Secretary of Defence, William Cohen said, at the end of the Conference on International Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction, during the closing DOD news briefing (four years before 9/11)… “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” This rather odd quote can be found here: https://archive.defense.gov/Transcripts/Transcript.aspx?TranscriptID=674

The question is, what “terrorists” could William Cohen have possibly been talking about? At the time, there were no terrorists with the technological ability to “alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”; but the US government did, and still does, have the ability to do just that, with the HAARP system. Is it not the military’s stated goal to achieve full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020? Could HAARP have anything to do with that goal?

In this blog post, I will help reveal the truth concerning the government’s ability to manipulate the weather, and engage in electronic and psychotronic warfare (controlling brain waves). If the very thought of such a program seems outrageous to you, you may be asking yourself, “Okay. They might be able to manipulate the weather, but really, to what extent?”… Well, if you read this post, and watch the video to the end, that’s exactly what you’ll find out.

What is HAARP?

The HAARP technology may stem from the advances of Nikola Tesla; though HAARP itself, was the idea of scientist, Barnard Eastlund. Dr. Eastlund was on contract with an oil and gas company named, ARCO Atlantic Richfield Company (operating at out of Alaska). His original intentions were to use the technology to produce energy. At the time, while still under contract, Dr. Eastlund wrote a patent for a new invention; that was HAARP (in the words of Dr. Nick Begich, the goal was), “To take huge amounts of natural gas, run it through magnetohydrodynamic generator (MHD generator), to produce electricity; then, running electricity into an array (a field of antennas), for the purpose of some of the things we’re going to be talking about.”

The ownership of the HAARP system went from ARCO Power Technologies to Raytheon (who bought out ARCO Power Technologies). Raytheon then sold their subsidiary company, ARCO Power Technologies, to British Aerospace, and in the words of Dr. Nick Begich, “at the same time that happened, was approximately the same time the project moved from the United States Air Force and NAVY, over to DARPA (and DARPA does the most classified research for various branches of the military, and for various security agencies in the United States). They now control HAARP, in terms of its advances, and it’s projects.”

How Does HAARP Work?

Aside from energy production, Dr. Eastlund, DARPA, and the military dreamt up a few defensive concepts for the technology.

  • Stabilize the ionosphere during solar flares and natural disturbances to facilitate communication, or conversely, purposefully disturb the ionosphere in such a way as to disrupt everyone’s communication, and yet, be able to carry their own communications, for military purposes.
  • Eastlund’s Global Shield; in the words of Dr. Nick Begich, could “take and pump energy up using naturally occurring magnetic field lines that surround the earth that run from the south pole to the north pole, as wide waveguides (so, you pump the energy in using a cyclotron resonance; and then, using them as waveguides, spin accelerated electrons all the way around, and then as you activated these around the planet, you could also create a shield. The idea was, intercontinental ballistic missiles entering that field, would become disrupted, you’d effect their avionics, and be able to disrupt them enough to cause them to malfunction, so they couldn’t deliver their payloads to the targets)”.
  • Utilizing these kinds of instruments to create friction and burn up any incoming objects from space (comets, asteroids, etc.).
  • Over the horizon radar; “where you would need two of these transmitters. One would create kind of a cold plasma, so you could energize an area (above the horizon). Then be able to use another array and bound the signal (or, go over the horizon), to be able to detect incoming objects.”
  • Artificial EMP; by simply increasing power levels.
  • Earth Penetrating Tomography; by “taking the high frequency energy coming off of HAARP, and pulse it, or pump it into the ionosphere. Think about it, the frequency being the swing of the hammer, and every time hit the head of the hammer, that’s your pulse rate. So, pulsing the ionosphere then alters it, from DC to essentially AC — it acts as a giant broadcast antenna in the sky, and sends back a very long wavelength in the ELF range that’s based on that pulse rate.” When utilizing the technology in this capacity, they can even determine underwater and/or underground structures (bases, tunnels, oil and gas deposits, as well as mineral deposits).
  • Tapping energy from the ionosphere.

According to Dr. Nick Begich, “the HAARP arrays are about 20 metres high, the crisscross dipoles are a little less than ten metres. There’s a field of 180 antenna (eventually there will be 360), that produce a radio frequency energy; and that radio frequency energy, in the way this array is configured,  will create a cyclotron resonance (so if you could visualize this, it would be like kind of a cork-screwing motion of energy moving up into the ionosphere — actually focusing, or concentrating the energy into a relatively small area… similar to what a laser does with light). The idea is to focus the energy, and then manipulate that energy in various ways, to create primary and secondary effects in the ionosphere.”

“The idea of the array on the ground focusing energy into the ionosphere into a small area which is then heated, is you can slew the beam. You can move this beam approximately 30 degrees; so, you can actually heat up a fairly good area, approximately 30 miles in diameter. When you heat it, you can actually lift the ionosphere up several hundreds of kilometres. Then the idea, is that lower atmosphere moves in.”

Again, according to Dr. Nick Begich, “The HAARP system can reset very rapidly. They have the ability to control it in a way that allows them to change frequency and change configuration pretty readily. It makes it one of the most versatile, if not the most versatile ionosphere heater on the planet.”

How Is HAARP Being Used Against Us?

Now, we know what HAARP is, and we know how HAARP works, but how exactly is HAARP being used against us? Well, for starters, Dr. Nick Begich states that HAARP can be used for the following purposes:

  • Lift the ionosphere, and alter weather pressure systems below.
  • Effect gravitational waves.
  • Divert jet streams.
  • Environmental manipulation.
  • Mind altering effects.
  • and more.

… To learn more, about how (exactly) HAARP is being used against us (in detail), I strongly urge you to watch this Dr. Nick Begich video. In it, Dr. Nick Begich explains everything, from the the history of HAARP, to the pros and cons of the technology.

Lastly, it is important to note that the United States is not alone in making ionosphere heaters. They have also been made in Canada, Russia; Europe has the EISCAT system, and China too has developed their own system.